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Why choose us as your supplier of precision strip and wire for springs, stampings and pressings?

The Knight Group has over an 80 year history of supplying to the Spring, Precision Stamping and Pressing Industries. Our own origins were as one of the foremost Spring makers under the original E.A. Knight and Sons business. This uniquely positions us to understand both the industry demands and material needs of our customers in this sector. Owing to our competitive pricing and high product quality, we have a loyal customer base of Spring makers and Stampers. Consequently, we maintain a stock in excess of 2500 items of the most popular materials. This ensures their needs are always met, and we can deliver, even within the tightest of time frames.

Competition has grown within the sector, with deadlines and margins becoming tighter. We continue to work closely with our customers, identifying leaner manufacturing opportunities to support sustainability. In a true partnership, our expert sourcing and processing successfully support our customers within the Stampings and Pressings industry, to improve their yield and profitability.

Specialising in Precision Strip Metal and Wire, we offer a wide range of high quality materials, processing, and fast delivery, whilst maintaining competitive pricing. Whether you need small quantities for prototyping or large volumes for mass production, we can deliver what you need, when, where and how you need it.

Key Materials for Springs, Stamping and Pressings

301 / 1.4310 / S 30100

304 / 1.4301 / S 30400

304L / 1.4307 / S 30403

Nitronic® 50 (XM-19) / 1.3964 / S 20910

Incoloy® 25-6MO Alloy / 1.4529 / N08926

420 / 1.4028 / S 42000

17-7 PH / 1.4568 / S17700





TITANIUM GRADE 5 (Ti-6Al-4V) / R 56400

Our Key Benefits

Extensive range or wire, strip and Coil

Small and Large volumes

Bespoke Processing to your specifications

Over 80 years of partnerships with springs and stamping manufacturers Members of the Institute of Spring Technology

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