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Aerospace Alloys: Your Trusted Supplier for Aerospace Grade Materials

Whatever your aerospace material needs, with extensive Aerospace approvals including AS9120 Rev A, we can supply all your aerospace grade alloys needs

Available in strip and wire

Aerospace Alloys: Your Trusted Supplier for Aerospace Grade Materials.  

Discover Knight Group’s range of tailored aerospace alloys, including stainless steel, performance nickel-based alloys, and aluminium. With AS9120 Rev A and other aerospace approvals, we ensure the highest quality for the aerospace manufacturing industry.

Key Materials for Aerospace Applications:

Alloy 200

HAYNES® 242 / N10242

Alloy K-500 / MONEL® K500 / N05500

Alloy X / HASTELLOY® X / 2.4665 / N06002

Alloy 75 / NIMONIC® alloy 75 / 2.4951/ N06075

Alloy 600 / INCONEL® 600 / 2.4816 / N06600

Alloy 601 / INCONEL® 601 / 2.4851 / N06601

Alloy 625 / INCONEL® 625 / 2.4856/ N06625

Alloy 214 / HAYNES® 214 / 2.4646/ N07214

Alloy C 276 /HASTELLOY® C-276 / 2.4819 / N10276

Alloy 718 / INCONEL® 718 / 2.4668/ N07718

RENE 41 / 2.4973/ N07041

INCOLOY® A-286 / 1.4980 /S66286

K94610 / Nilo K / 29/18 / NiFeK

N07090 / Nimonic® 90

Alloy 400 / MONEL® 400 / 2.4360/2.4361 / N04400

304 / 1.4301 / S 30400

321 / 1.4541 / S 32100

17-4PH / 1.4542

17-7 PH / 1.4568 / S17700

2205 / 1.4462 / S 32205

2507 / 1.4410 / S 32750

2024 / AW-2024 / A92024

7072 / AW-7072 / A97072





TITANIUM GRADE 5 (Ti-6Al-4V) / R 56400

TITANIUM GRADE 9 (Ti 3Al 2.5V) / R 56320

BETA 21S R58210

Aerospace Alloys

Across both its strip and wire divisions, the Knight Group is an established key supplier to manufacturers within the aerospace sector. The Knight Group specialises in the supply of aerospace-grade alloys, including stainless steel, performance nickel-based alloys and aluminium. The durability of stainless steel, the strength of nickel-based alloys, and the light weight of aluminium are all essential for aerospace. These are sourced from the highest quality aerospace-approved mills to ensure they meet the aerospace specifications. Our experienced teams in procurement, sales and processing each have extensive experience and knowledge working with aerospace manufacturers. We are focused on meeting customer needs regarding material performance, reliability and supply chain assurance. We only work within recognised industry standards to ensure we can offer our customers the very best bespoke service every single time. Having achieved a number of accreditations and approvals, we have become the preferred supplier of aerospace-grade alloys to a wide range of global manufacturers and niche subcontractors.

Why choose us as your aerospace alloy supplier?

With multiple aerospace approvals, the Knight Group specialises in the supply of aerospace alloys, including stainless steel, performance nickel-based alloys, and aluminium for the aerospace and defence industries. Our aerospace-approved materials are sourced from high-quality mills to ensure they meet strict aerospace specifications.

In addition to the benefits of reliable sourcing, manufacturers rely on us for our high quality precision processing, essential for meeting the complex engineering needs within aerospace. As one of the largest independent processors in Europe, our niche offer of strip processing and wire processing capabilities makes us  a valuable partner to our customers in need of custom solutions. 

Key Aerospace Approvals and certification

We are accredited to the following Aerospace Standards:
  • AS9120 Rev A
  • Messier-Dowty Approval
  • Spirit Aero Approval
  • BAE Systems Approvals
  • Hawker Beachcraft Approval
  • Westland Helicopters
  • Meggitt Approval
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Product Range

Strip and Foil

Foil: 0.010mm to 0.3mm (0.00039″ – 0.0118″)
Strip: 0.1 mm to 3 mm (0.0039″ – 0.1181″)
Thickness Tolerance (Standard): +/-10%
 Widths from 1.0 mm up to 1250 mm
Width Tolerance (Standard):  +/- 0.127mm (0.005″)
Other sizes available by request

 Stainless Steel Wire 

Round Wire: 0.15mm to 6mm
Flat Wire: Widths from 0.25mm to 6.0mm Thickness from 0.08mm to 2.60mm
 Shaped Wire: Soft Materials up 4mm² / Hard Materials up to 3mm²
(Custom Shapes by request)
Stranded Wire and Overbraid Wire
Other sizes available by request 

Related Products

We also produce numerous special products for the aerospace industry including:

Aircraft control cables

Braid protection for conductive copper cable

Aerospace Applications for Precision Strip and Wire

Exhaust systems

Turbine blades, discs and rings



Engine components

Landing gear


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