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Cut-to-Length Wire is a vital component in various industries, playing a crucial role in the manufacturing of electronic devices, automotive parts, and countless other applications. Our 14 cut to length and straightening lines, ensure that you receive the highest-quality wire tailored to your specific requirements with fast turnaround times.

Experience Unmatched Precision with Knight Group’s Cut-to-Length Wire Services

The Knight Group’s dedicated wire division, Knight Precision Wire, has the most comprehensive range of straighten and cut to length machines in the UK. The capability extends from very fine wires to large diameter and flat wires.

We straighten and cut all material types; from soft copper to high tensile spring steel, and from simple mild steel to precious metals.


  • Soft Materials: Wire from 0.1mm up to 10.0mm diameter
  • High Tensile Materials: 0.1mm up to 8.00mm diameter

Most material can be supplied in cut lengths from 1.0mm to 3.00m (subject to a minimum ratio of diameter/length)

Longer lengths and larger diameter wires can be supplied by request

Quality Control

Our strict quality control measures ensure that every wire piece meets your specifications, while our customisation options allow you to choose from a wide range of materials, diameters, and finishes.  We have particular expertise in the straightening and cutting to length of very fine wires. We regularly cut wires from 0.1mm diameter to superb levels of accuracy and straightness – without any compromise to surface finish.

Knight Precision Wire offers a variety of wire services and can provide free quotations on your requirements. Please get in touch to arrange this.

Benefits of Choosing Our Cut-to-Length Wire Services Precision:

Precision: Our advanced machinery and skilled technicians guarantee precise wire cutting to meet your exact specifications.

Quality: Strict quality control measures ensure that every wire piece meets your specifications

Customisation: Choose from a wide range of diameters from 0.1mm up to 10.00mm

Cost-effectiveness: By eliminating waste and streamlining the production process, we help you save on material costs and increase your bottom line.

Speed: With our efficient process, we ensure quick turnaround times to keep your production on schedule.

Capacity: 14 straightening and cut to length lines

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