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Edge Dressing

During the production process of strip and coil, the edge of the material develops a sharp edge, commonly referred to as a burr.  This sharp edge has both safety and manufacturing implications.   The burr poses a potential health and safety hazard and the material can be more difficult to work with, increasing manufacturing time and ultimately costs.  Edge Dressing helps minimise these risks and provides a cost effective and safe solution to manufacturers.

The Knight Group offers manufacturers the flexibility to choose the processing that meets your needs and we can supply material edge-dressed to your specifications.  Whether you need the commonly requested rounded or square edge shapes or you need a contoured edge shape tailored specifically to you, we offer the Edge Dressing profile you need.  We design and use Bespoke Tungsten Carbide Tooling to meet the most exacting Custom Edge Dressing  requirements on Precision Strip.

With the heavy investment in our bespoke machinery and a wealth of experience in our team, our machines can offer precision processing in high volumes, with fast turnaround times.

 Edge TypeWidth RangeThickness Range
De-burred Safe4.5 – 1100.18 – 4.330.15 – 3.00.006 – 0.118
Fully Rounded4.5 – 1100.18 – 4.330.15 – 2.00.006 – 0.080
Dressed Square7.0 – 800.28 – 3.150.15 – 2.00.006 – 0.080
Chamfered10.0 – 800.39 – 3.150.30 – 2.00.012 – 0.080
Rolled Round8.0 – 750.32 – 2.950.80 – 3.500.032 – 0.138
Edge Profiling Size Range (mm)
Size RangeProfiling (Metal Removal)Edge RollingRoll Deburring
Thickness0.1 – 3.01.2 – 4.00.2 – 2.0
Width3.0 – 80.08.0 – 80.03.0 – 600
Coil TypesPancake, Open Traverse, Spool WoundPancakePancake




5 Edge Finishing Lines

Bespoke Tungsten Carbide Tooling

Simple de-burring
Rounded Edges
Chamfered Edges
Square Edges

Available in:
Pancake Coils or Spools

Some applications that requires edge dressed rounded or profiled strip.

Flexible Hoses, Pressings, Banding, Precision Strip, Electronic Components, Tube Strip, Exposed Plated edges, Shock Absorber Strip, Automotive Exhausts, Automotive Trim, Heating Element Strip, Cotter Pins, Tools, Weaving Loom Applications, Band Saw Strip, Medical Blades, Springs, Tolerance Rings