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Ferritic Stainless Steel

Cost-Effective, Magnetic, and Versatile Alloys for Diverse Applications with Good Corrosion Resistance

Available in strip and wire

Ferritic Grades get their name from iron-like structures at room temperature.  Serving as a low-cost alternative to other Stainless Steel Grades, ferritic stainless steels have magnetic properties and offer manufacturers excellent resistance to high-temperature oxidisation and protection against good stress corrosion cracking.  These alloys offer manufacturers a combination of high thermal conductivity, superior creep resistance and yield strength, with good formability and moderate ductility. As specialist Stainless Steel suppliers, the Knight Group offers ferritic grades of precision stainless steel in strip and wire.

Available Ferritic Grades

434 / 1.4113 / S 43400

430 / 1.4016 / S 43000

410S / 1.4006/ S 41008

430L / 1.4016

430Ti (439) / 1.4510

441 / 1.4509 / S 44100

431 / 1.4057 / S43100

What are the benefits of using ferritic stainless steel?

Low cost alternative to Austenitic Stainless Steels


Good corrosion resistance, especially in environments with low chloride concentrations.

Low Thermal Expansion which can be beneficial in high-temperature applications.

Good stress corrosion cracking resistance

Good formability

Moderate ductility

What are the disadvantages of using ferritic stainless steel?

Lower corrosion resistance compared to Austenitic Stainless Steels, particularly in chloride-rich environments or when exposed to aggressive chemicals

Cannot be hardened by heat treatment

Limited formability compared to Austenitic Stainless Steels

Lower strength properties compared to other stainless steel types like Austenitic or Precipitation Hardening Stainless Steels.

Susceptible to brittleness at low temperatures or when exposed to aggressive environments, which may limit their use in certain applications.

Ferritic Stainless Steel Overview

Ferritic Stainless Steel Grades: Experience Cost-Effective, Magnetic, and Versatile Alloys for High-Volume Applications

Ferritic Stainless Steel grades offer manufacturers a cost-effective alternative to other Stainless Steels, boasting magnetic properties, good formability, moderate ductility, and impressive corrosion resistance. At Knight Group, we provide a wide range of Ferritic Stainless Steel alloys to cater to the diverse needs of our customers across various industries.


Key Features and Benefits

  • Cost-Effective: Ferritic Stainless Steel grades contain no nickel, making them a more affordable option for manufacturers than other Stainless Steel types.
  • Magnetic Properties: These alloys remain magnetic in all tempers, making them suitable for applications that require magnetic materials.
  • Good Formability: Ferritic Stainless Steel alloys offer good formability, allowing manufacturers to create intricate shapes and components with ease.
  • Moderate Ductility: These alloys provide moderate ductility, making them suitable for a variety of applications.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Ferritic Stainless Steel grades offer fair corrosion resistance and stress corrosion cracking resistance, ensuring durability in various environments.

Understanding Ferritic Stainless Steel Grades

Ferritic Stainless Steels share the same structure as iron at room temperature and have a minimum chromium content of 11% and a low carbon level. Unlike Austenitic Stainless steels, Ferritic alloys do not contain nickel. Though they cannot match the superior corrosion resistance of Austenitic grades, these alloys can still provide fair corrosion resistance, stress corrosion cracking resistance, and good formability. They are known for their excellent high-temperature oxidation resistance and high thermal conductivity. Furthermore, Niobium stabilised grades, such as 1.4006 (alloy 430), provide exceptional creep resistance. Increasing chromium levels can improve corrosion resistance; however, these alloys have low work hardening rates. Unlike other alloys, they do not develop high strength from cold working and remain magnetic in all tempers.


Applications of Ferritic Stainless Steels

Whilst not as popular as Austenitic Alloys, Ferritic Alloys possess better engineering properties, with lower thermal expansion when heated. Furthermore, without nickel, they provide a lower cost option to manufacturers, making them a great alternative to other Stainless Steel grades. These alloys are ideal for high-volume applications, particularly in domestic environments where moderate corrosion resistance is acceptable. Typical applications include domestic appliances and automotive exhaust systems, and their magnetic properties have also made them ideally suited for induction hobs. Ferritic Stainless Steel Grades can also be found in a range of Automotive applications, including exhaust systems and trims. 


Take the Next Step: Harness the Power of Ferritic Stainless Steel Grades

Explore the world of Ferritic Stainless Steel grades and discover how they can benefit your manufacturing process with their cost-effective, magnetic, and versatile properties. Contact the Knight Group today to learn more about our range of Ferritic Stainless Steel alloys and how we can help you unlock their full potential.

Chemical Properties of Ferritic Stainless Steel
European Designation EN 10088-2 2014Former BS Standard (Wire Only)American Designation (ASTM)TYPICAL CHEMICAL COMPOSITION %
NumberNameBS 1554 1990 nearest fitAISI nearest fitUNS nearest fitCSiMnPSCrMoNiNCuOther
1.4512X2CrTi12-409S 409000. - 12.5----Ti (6x (C+N)) to 0.65
1.4006X12Cr13410S21410SS 410080.08 - - 13.5-0.75---
1.4016X6 Cr 17430S17 430S18430S 430000. - 18.0-----
1.4510X3CrTi17-430Ti / (439)- to 18.0----Ti (4x(C+N) + 0.15) to 0.80
1.4113X6CrMo17-1-434S 434000. - 18.00.9 - 1.4----
1.4509X2CrTiNb18-441S 441000. - 18.5----Nb: [3xC+0.30] to 1.0 max Ti: 0.1 - 0.6
1.4521X2CrMoTi18-2-444S 444000.0251. - 20.01.8 - 2.5-0.03-Ti (4x(C+N) + 0.15) to 0.80
Mechanical Properties of Ferritic Stainless Steel (Strip)
European Designation EN 10088-2 2014Former BS Standard (Wire Only)American Designation (ASTM)Proof Strength 0.2% Min (N/mm2)Tensile StrengthElong. % Min. (50mm Gauge Length)Hardness Max (VPN)Surface Finish
NumberNameBS 1554 1990 nearest fitAISI nearest fitUNS nearest fit
1.4512X2CrTi12-409S 40900210380 - 56025-2B & 2R
1.4006X12Cr13410S21410SS 41008-600 max20-2B & 2R
1.4016X6 Cr 17430S17 430S18430S 43000260430 - 60020-2B & 2R
1.4510X3CrTi17-430Ti / (439)-230420 - 60023-2B & 2R
1.4113X6CrMo17-1-434S 43400280440 - 660182002B & 2R
1.4509X2CrTiNb18-441S 44100230430 - 63018-2B & 2R
1.4521X2CrMoTi18-2-444S 44400300420 - 64020-2B & 2R
Mechanical Properties of Ferritic Stainless Steel (Wire)
European Designation EN 10088-2 2014Former BS Standard (Wire Only)American Designation (ASTM)Maximum tensile strength N/mm²
NumberNameBS 1554 1990 nearest fitAISI nearest fitUNS nearest fitWire dia 13.0 – 6.0mmWire dia 6.00 – 1.50mmWire dia 1.50 – 0.50mmWire dia 0.50 – 0.10mm
1.4512X2CrTi12-409S 40900Not available as wire. Strip products available.
1.4006X12Cr13410S21410SS 41008Not available as wire. Strip products available.
1.4016X6 Cr 17430S17 430S18430S 43000610620630650
1.4510X3CrTi17-430Ti / (439)-Not available as wire. Strip products available.
1.4113X6CrMo17-1-434S 43400Not available as wire. Strip products available.
1.4509X2CrTiNb18-441S 44100Not available as wire. Strip products available.
1.4521X2CrMoTi18-2-444S 44400Not available as wire. Strip products available.
Features and Applications of Ferritic Stainless Steel
European Designation EN 10088-2 2014Former BS Standard (Wire Only)American Designation (ASTM)Key FeaturesKey MarketsApplications
NumberNameBS 1554 1990 nearest fitAISI nearest fitUNS nearest fit
1.4512X2CrTi12-409S 40900Ferritic Stainless Steel grade 409 (1.4512) is a titanium stabilised alloy, ideally suited to high temperature applications due its corrosion resistance in these environments. This alloy also offers good mechanical properties and weldability up to 2.5mm thickness.Automotive, TransportCar Exhausts, Rail and Road Vehicles, Transportation Equipment
1.4006X12Cr13410S21410SS 41008Ferritic Alloy 410S (1.4006) is a non-heat treatable, low carbon version of Stainless Steel grade 410. It offers moderate strength and corrosion resistance. When compared to austenitic grades, this alloy has a higher heat conductivity and a low heat expansion coefficient. It has good formability and is ideally suited to deep drawing applications.Petrochemical Industry, MiningMining Equipment, Petrochemical Equipment, Thermal Process Equipment.
1.4021 X20Cr13420S29 420S37420S 42000Available by Request
1.4028X30Cr13420S45420S 42001Available by Request
1.4016X6 Cr 17430S17 430S18430S 43000This magnetic grade has good formability. It offers good corrosion resistance in moderately aggressive media and good oxidation resistance at elevated temperatures. It is not susceptible to stress cracking corrosion. This alloy is not hardenable through heat treatment.Automotive, Chemical Processing, Etching, Oil and Gas, Electronics, Architectural, Food IndustryAutomotive Trim and Parts, Gaskets, Domestic Appliance Panels, Chemically Etched Components, Paint Brushes, Cooking Utensils, Food Processing Equipment, Fasteners, Lights Bulbs, Hose Clamps, Oil Refinery Components in Acidic Environments, Architectural Features
1.4510X3CrTi17-430Ti / (439)Available on request
1.4113X6CrMo17-1-434S 43400Stainless Steel grade 434 (1.4113) is the most popular choice of the non work hardenable Ferritic grades. This low Carbon Ferritic Stainless Steel has additions of Molybdenum to increase corrosion protection, offering better corrosion resistance compared to 430 (1.4016). It is oxygen and heat resistant up to 816°C (1500°F). Other benefits include excellent polishing characteristics.Automotive, Architecturalautomotive trim and parts, dishwashers and domestic appliances, architectural, restaurant equipment, nitric acid plant equipment, furnace combustion chambers, oil refinery equipment, roofing and siding
1.4509X2CrTiNb18-441S 44100Ferritic grade 441 (1.4509) is a magnetic Stainless Steel grade containing niobium. This provides good oxidation and corrosion resistance. This Stainless Steel grade also has good high-temperature strength, with good ductility and weldability, making it ideal for deep drawing and other fabrication applications.Automotive, Transportautomotive exhausts, rail and road vehicles, transportation equipment
1.4521X2CrMoTi18-2-444S 44400Ferritic grade 444 (1.4521) is a low carbon, low nitrogen, stainless steel that offers superior pitting and crevice corrosion resistance compared with other Ferritic Alloys. When superior corrosion resistance and resistance to chloride stress corrosion cracking is required, this grade provides an ideal solution.Food Processing, Automotivefood processing, brewery equipment, heat exchangers, automotive components

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