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Flat Wire, Strip & Tape

We have precision rolling mills for producing high quality flat wire and tape to tight tolerances, equipped with edge-rolling and laser gauging, to ensure exact measurements. The standard finish is round edge flat wire and tape, but squared edges can be produced as required.

KPW has a particular speciality in the wire rolling of narrow thin sections of flat wire, with width to thickness ratios of less than 8:1. Additionally, we roll hard stainless steel to produce very high tensile flat wire.

We can produce flat wire up to 10.00mm wide and 4.00mm thick. Softer materials can be rolled into larger sections.

Tapes can be rolled to widths of 0.20mm up to 5.00mm, with thicknesses from 0.05mm up to 1.00mm.

Depending on requirements the flat wire can be precision layer wound on spools to ensure a steady, controlled payoff during the customer’s production.

We have a variety of strip processing equipment – strip slitting or shearing, edge processing, cut to length and traverse winding spooling machines.

Strip can be produced from 0.025mm thick up to 6.50mm, and widths from 0.65mm up to 1100mm.

Knight Precision Wire are specialist manufacturers of Wire and Cable and can provide free quotations on your requirements. Please get in touch to arrange this.

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