Traverse Winding

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Traverse Winding

With efficiency as one of our key values at the Knight Group, we have successfully developed in-house Traverse Winding to support out customers in reducing their manufacturing times and costs.

Traverse wound coils provide an alternative to single coil “pancake” form of feed supply, capable of holding up to ten times more material.  Each traverse wound coil increases productivity and enables longer uninterrupted production runs, by reducing the number of coils needing to re reloaded, machine downtime and coil handling are minimised and storage and scrap can be dramatically reduced.  We can offer traverse wound strip on your choice of spools from 20kg to 100kg max.

Traverse Wound Spool Dimensions
Spool TypeArgonautDIN 355DIN 500
Maximum Weight (kg)2050100
Total Length (mm)100200250
Traverse Length (mm)85160180
Flange Diameter (mm)300355500
Barrel Diameter (mm)180224315
Bore Diameter (mm)51.5 +0.536 +0.536 +0.5


Traverse Winding Tolerances
Specified Thickness (mm)
FromUp ToWidth <19
0.100.25± 0.10
0.250.50± 0.12
0.501.0± 0.15




5 Traverse Winding Lines

Spools Offer Long Length Coils that are Difficult or Impossible to Handle as Flat Pancake Coils.
Spools up to 100kg in Weight.

Slitting Width Range is from
3 mm up to 20mm. ( 0.118” to 0.787”)
Thickness from
0.1mm up to 0.5mm (0.004” to 0.020”)

Reduced machine downtime
Longer production Runs
Reduced storage and Scrap
Safer material handling
Reduced Production Time and Costs