Your Material Your Way


The Knight Group have invested enormously in their processing capabilities to provide customers with a full range of processing options to meet their specific production requirements.  There are few recoiling facilities in the UK and Europe, but with 27 recoiling machines, the Knight Group can cater for even the largest volumes to ensure a fast turnaround time.

Recoiled metal strip material can be supplied in a wide range of coil size and weight options to facilitate your processing requirements with options that include:

  • Pancake coils
  • Traverse wound spools
  • Open sided oscillate wound coils
  • Up to 1000mm wide
  • Low weight coils
  • Coils on cardboard centres



• 27 Recoiling Machines
• Low Width Thickness Ratio 3:1 unique to the industry (normal minimum is 8:1)
• Ability to offer Ultrafine Width Tolerances down to +/- 0.025mm (0.001”)
• Thicknesses – 0.013mm to 6.6mm (0.001” to 0.256”)
• Widths – 0.64mm to 1100mm (.025” to 43”)