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Precision Strip Processing

8 Cut To Length Lines  |  5 Edge Finishing Lines  |  27 Recoiling Lines  |  26 Slitting Lines  |  5 Traverse Winding Lines

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The Knight Group are industry leaders in the supply and processing of precision strip, coil and wire. Customers can benefit from one of the largest processing facilities in Europe, with our extensive range of services, including Slitting, Shearing, Cut to Length and Edge Dressing. We offer precision strip processing at a competitive price, and you have the flexibility to select only the services you need and want, giving you maximum versatility and minimum cost. Customers can consistently rely on us to exceed expectations of quality, service and performance.

Knight Strip Metals Ltd and Precision Metals EU continue to receive global recognition for quality products and excellent service. EcoVadis recently awarded Knight Strip Metals Ltd their Silver Standard, and we have a number of accreditations in addition to ISO 9001 and ISO 9120, notably from the Aerospace industry. As a result, we are the supplier of choice for manufacturers of all sizes who achieve their lean manufacturing goals through our quality products and processing.

We understand that most manufacturers are facing increasing demands to deliver goods within tighter time frames and even tighter margins. We can help you reduce your production time and costs by working together to identify the best processing options to meet your specific needs. You can be confident that your material will be prepared and delivered to the exact size, length and finish you need.

As a group, we continue to invest heavily in our bespoke machinery and training for our established team of operators. As a result, we can offer a truly comprehensive range of processing to complement our extensive range of stocked materials. Get in touch with one of our knowledgeable sales team today and find out what products and services we can offer you today.

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