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We can supply a range of plated products and finishes to suit your needs including:

What are the benefits of using plated strip?

superior corrosion resistance

reduction in friction between adjacent parts, resulting in lower wear and tear of components

attractive surface finish

excellent brazing, welding and postplating properties

through plating, additional required properties such as conductivity or magnetism can be added to an existing material selection, avoiding the need to change the material, and presenting a cost saving as a result.

using pre-plated material is a lower-cost alternative to post-plating a component

Plated Steel Coil And Sheet Overview

Pre-plated strip is produced by applying a thin layer of material onto the surface of another; less costly metal, commonly mild and stainless steels. This can provide a decorative surface finish whilst reducing the cost of the material, making it ideal for a number of applications, including interior decorative features such as handrails, light fittings, fireplaces, curtain poles and finials, jewellery design and automotive parts. There are further benefits including improving corrosion resistance, solderability, wearability, paint adhesion, infrared reflectivity, friction reduction and altering the conductivity, depending on the combination of materials chosen. Cost reduction has made plated products an increasingly popular choice.

Plated Strip Electrical Applications

There is a growing use of plated strip steel in electrical applications – driven by increasing metal prices of the traditional non-ferrous materials used by the electrical industry.

Typical applications include…


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