Quality Statement

The Company places great emphasis on the need for everyone to know and appreciate the Company Quality Policy and the importance of training and education for all employees. We are committed to the continuous development of all employees.

Quality Statement

The Knight Group, consisting of Knight Strip Metals Ltd and Precision Metals EU.  Our companies work to a Quality Management System, as defined in BS EN ISO 9001/pr EN9120 and approved by the BSI.  We work in partnership with the BSI, who carry out regular audits to ensure compliance with these standards.  Our key objective is to provide our customers complete assurance and satisfaction in the quality of our products and services.

To achieve this objective, our quality system meets or exceeds the criteria of BS EN ISO 9001 and pr EN 9120.  We review our processes regularly to ensure an efficient and robust process is in place at all times, with necessary support and resources available.  All of the Knight Group employees receive regular training to maintain familiarity and adherence to our Quality Management System.  The commitment from our employees ensures the supply and processing of all material, meets the standards set.  As a result, we are consistently able to comply with customers’ demands, delivering quality products and processing.

The Knight Group at all times comply with statutory and regulatory requirements. Additionally, we conduct our business in strict compliance with all applicable domestic and international legal standards. We strive to ensure business ethics are practiced with particular emphasis on free competition and rejection of any form of corruption.

Further details of our policies, including our full Quality Statement, Terms and Conditions of Purchase and Terms and Conditions of Sale are available for download.  Copies of our Approvals and Certificates are also available.