Clad Aluminium

Clad products are made by bonding at least one layer of metal onto another.   There are many benefits to choosing Clad Metals, particularly when a complex blend of chemical and mechanical properties are required.  Whilst Copper has uses in a wide range of applications, due to excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, it is a relatively costly material.  As a result, manufactures are increasingly choosing Clad Aluminium as a lower cost alternative.  When you compare Clad Aluminum to Copper, it has the added benefits of superior durability and is lighter in weight.   Equally, it offers many of the advantages of Aluminium, but is actually stronger than Pure Aluminium.    A key benefit for manufacturers using Clad Aluminum, other than cost, is superior heat transfer performance and corrosion resistance.

Designers, engineers and manufacturers are increasingly turning to clad metals to provide material solutions, created by demanding environments and applications.  The properties of Clad Aluminium lends itself to many such applications, including brazed heat exchangers for the Automotive and Aerospace industries.

In our current era of manufacturing, environmental concerns have become an increasing priority to both designers, manufacturers and end users.  Clad Aluminium’s environmental benefits are similar to Pure and Alloyed Aluminium, as it is also easy, quick and cost effective to recycle.

Sourcing the right material for a wide range of products is our specialty.  If you would like help in finding the right Clad Metal product for you, get in touch with our Sales Team today.