What Are We Trying to Achieve?


As the world around us continually changes, we too must continue to adapt and evolve to ensure a sustainable business for today and for the future that lies ahead.   People are our most valued asset.  With knowledge, experience, commitment and a united approach, we can continue to achieve our goals and share in the rewards.  In order to achieve this, we have made a commitment to a ongoing programme of development.   As we grow our expertise and knowledge, we continue to expand on our products and services to support our customers in growing their businesses.


All Knight Group employees work together to achieve continuous growth and development of a sustainable business.   We aim to be the supplier of choice for local and global manufacturers, by providing high quality materials, processing, and ensuring superior customer service through experience and innovation.


To achieve our company’s mission we have set the following goals:


By working effectively together to share, build and develop knowledge, skills and talent, we cultivate a motivational ethos and confident team.  As a result we have a positive and safe working environment with open and honest communication, able to consistently deliver the best in customer service.


We will continue to build mutually successful business relationships with our customers and suppliers through building upon trust and identifying opportunities for efficiency and innovation. We will listen to our partners, reflecting and work together to develop and improve our strategies and strengthen our relationships.


We will all commit to working efficiently and effectively, using best practice initiatives to find more efficient ways of working.


We will source the best quality products and provide the most cost effective engineered solutions, without compromising our company’s aims, beliefs or ethical standards.


We will act with responsibility and respect towards the environment.  We will minimise negative impacts through lowering energy consumption and minimising waste.


Through using highly effective management practices and business strategies, we will maximise long-term returns.