The Right Cable for the Right Application


There are so many applications for cables and wires, that finding the right material for the right application can prove a real challenge.

Experts across multiple sectors from aerospace and other transport applications right through to industrial, engineering, medical and mineral resource industries, are required to assess, specify, procure and install cables from a selection of many hundreds.

In a cost-sensitive global climate, sourcing cables to exact specification can be a big Capex commitment, and health and safety standards mean that getting it right every time is therefore of paramount importance.

What are the key questions to answer when specifying a custom cable?

  1. Application: What does the user need the cable for?
  2. Environment: what corrosive, impact and other threats are present and how does the cable need to perform to mitigate these risks?
  3. Manufacture & Materials: what is are the base materials and processes required to create the required cable?
  4. Scale: how much of the cable does the client need, and how does its length impact on the above factors?
  5. Budget: the amount a client is willing to spend may not always match what they need to spend in order to get the best materials and composition required for the application. The more complex the requirement, the more expensive the cable – budget is, therefore, highly-important to understand.
  6. Maintenance: based on the above factors, what is the potential maintenance requirement and how will this be serviced?

Knight Precision Wire has all the in-house expertise and knowledge to specify, design and manufacture cables for a multitude of applications.

Our custom wire and cable solutions are precision-engineered from the highest-grade materials to ensure quality and longevity, no matter the application.

Speak to our experts today for advice and guidance on your cabling and wire needs. Call us on 01707 645 261 or email


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