Tensile Strength and EMI Protection: advantages of Braided Wire


Braided wires are an important component in electrical applications where there may be stress on the power supply cables or internal wiring, or where there may be electromagnetic interference (EMI) that affects performance.

By braiding a wire with a tightly-woven mesh tube, the wire is protected against damage through compression, flexing, temperature fluctuations, rust and vibration, has an increased flexibility and mechanical strength, and is protected from EMI that may cause data loss, signal strength disruption and reliability.

The most commonly used materials to create braided wire included tinned and silver-plated copper, however custom braided wires can also be created for specialised applications, including:

  • Nickel-plated copper
  • Gold-plated copper
  • Pure silver
  • Gold alloys
  • Monel
  • Bronze

Where is braided wire used?

From high-stress industries such as aerospace and mining to electrical instruments and apparatus, household electrical appliances and automotive applications, wherever there is a likely stress on a connection, braided wire offers solutions.

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