Super Alloys

Duplex Stainless Steel strip has a dual Austenitic-Ferritic structure.  These magnetic alloys are not hardenable by heat treatment, but offer many additional advantages over other Stainless Steels.  Manufacturers choose these alloys for a wide range of applications due to their higher annealed strengths, stress relaxation and fatigue properties, superior tensile strength, greater corrosion and pitting resistance and lighter weight.  These alloys gain their mechanical strength from alloying with Nitrogen.  Furthermore, the high higher strengths support a reduction in weight.  This in turn offers environmental benefits over other Steels as the lower weight reduces transport and assembly costs.

As a result of their attractive combination of properties, it is common to describe Duplexes as Super Alloys.  These Super Alloys can be strengthened by cold work and has lower thermal expansion and higher heat conductivity than Austenitic Steel strip.  They also offer a low cost alternative to Austenitic Stainless Steels, owing to their lower Nickel content.  Alternatively, Super Duplex has a higher Chromium content than standard Duplex, offering further mechanical and corrosion resistance.  Due to superior corrosion resistance lends makes these alloys ideal for more demanding environments including Marine, Petrochemical, and Nuclear Power Generation.

Though in existence since the 1920s, advancements allowing greater control of the Nitrogen element have made Duplexes a more popular choice for modern  manufacturing.  As the applications for Super Alloys rises, demand increases and incentivises the development and release of additional grades.  We work closely with the mills and therefore we are able to offer the latest innovations in material development, ensuring you keep your competitive edge.


Available Grades

(LDX) 2404
(LDX) 2101

Other Grades available by request