Clad Metals

Clad Metals are made by joining two or more metals together through a laminating process.   By combining metals, it is possible to create a material that capitalises on the superior properties that do not exist in a single metal.  These properties include strength, corrosion resistance, thermal and electric conductivity, weight, surface finish, availability, cost, even material availability.  Ultimately, manufactures gain infinite flexibility, as they can choose the exact blend of properties to suit both the manufacturing stage and end application requirements.

As a result, Clad Metals offer designers, engineers and manufactures the freedom to create new solutions with targeted properties for even the most unique design challenges.  This makes Clad Products an ideal material of choice for demanding and high stress environments.  Sectors including: Aerospace, Petrochemical, Oil and Gas, Construction, Telecommunications, Domestic Appliances, Electronics, Medical and Defence, use Clad Metals for this reason.

As Clad Metals consist of a number of layers, there are a numerous combinations possible.  In particular, Clad Aluminium, has become a popular choice as an alternative to Copper.  In addition to cost savings, it has the added benefit of superior durability yet lighter weight in comparison to Copper, and increased strength compared to Pure Aluminium.  However, among the most valuable properties of Clad Aluminium, are its superior heat transfer performance and corrosion resistance.  This lends itself to many applications, including brazed heat exchangers for the Automotive and Aerospace industries.

Sourcing the right material for a wide range of products is our specialty.  So if you would like help in finding the right product for you, get in touch with our Sales Team today.