Aluminium is the third most abundant resource on the planet.  It is used widely across many manufacturing sectors due to the ease of machining and forming, requiring low energy input making it highly cost efficient.  Consequently it is ideal for extrusion work, milling, drilling, cutting, punching and bending in large or small volumes.

Though commonly found within the Construction industry, the physical properties of Aluminium and its alloys, make it an essential material for Aerospace Automotive and Transport sectors.   These Alloys also offer significant environmental advantages with zero toxicity and ease of recycling without changing its integral properties.  The low cost in conjunction with material availability, beneficial physical properties and ease of formability makes it an ideal choice for large volume production.  This has made it a popular choice for beverage packaging, but also has wider use within Food and beverage production.

Aluminium is a lightweight, soft ductile metal with nonmagnetic and corrosion resistant properties.  Furthermore, it has approximately a third of the density of steel, but this does not impact its strength.  It is also more durable at lower temperatures and unlike Steels will not become brittle, but actually becomes stronger at low temperatures. However, when heated above 100°C, this can affect strength.

Alloys are available in a range of surface finishes, ranging from dull to reflective, making these alloys ideal for decorative features and metal products.

Available Grades 
Alloying elementAlloy codeAlloy type
None (pure Aluminium)1000 seriesNot hardenable
Copper2000 seriesHardenable
Manganese3000 seriesNot hardenable
Silicon4000 seriesNot hardenable
Magnesium5000 seriesNot hardenable
Magnesium + silicon6000 seriesHardenable
Zinc7000 seriesHardenable
Other8000 series
Clad Aluminium is also available by request.  Please contact our Sales Team for more information.


Available Grades

1050, 1050A, 1060, 1070, 1070A, 1100, 1145, 1200, 1230, 1235,
3003, 3004, 3103, 3104
5005, 5050, 5052, 5251, 5754
6061, 6082
8011, 8111
Other Grades available by request