Meet The Team

Our commitment to our customers means a commitment to our employees. We value our people as individuals and as teams and their contributions to the ongoing success of our business.

Meet The Team

At the Knight Group, we develop our people through regular performance management, training workshops and industry bespoke development programmes.   By offering a feedback and a generous reward process, we incentivise  our teams to make positive contributions to the business.  We value diversity and encourage both teams and individuals to continually grow and develop their knowledge and talents.  With a skilled, knowledgeable and motivated team, we know that they can communicate effectively with our customers and suppliers to meet their needs.  Every day, they deliver excellent customer service, whilst developing strong relationships and maximising operational efficiencies, through their experience and commitment to innovation.

Company Structure

Group Managing Director: Adrian Ferguson

Group Business Development Director: Mark Wilson

Group Operations and Purchasing Director: James Needs

Quality Supervisor: Sam Robertson


A key focus for our business is the ongoing support and development of a consistently high performing sales team.  Each member of the team must be capable of expanding sales and profits with involvement in both target and budget setting, regular feedback and shared direction.

Comprehensive training and support is provided to maintain a knowledgeable and prepared team that can deliver the highest standard of customer service and exceed expectation.   We have sales teams located at our Birmingham facility in the UK ,with our multilingual sales team based at our Belgium facility.


We invest in our purchasing team, providing training directly from mills as well as external specialists.  This ensures our team is fully aware of the sourcing, certification, composition and production process that can impact cost and material application.  Our team also looks for the best products that meet the combined criteria of quality, ethical sourcing and price.  As a result, our customers trust us to provide products that meet their needs, with a competitive price that does not compromise on quality.


Manufacturing today is more challenging than ever before.  With sustainable practices at the forefront of manufacturers’ success and ongoing viability, lean manufacturing has become increasingly important.  In addition to our extensive Precision Strip range, we offer customers a full range of processing solutions to support leaner manufacturing goals.  Our production team are multi machine trained so we can assign as many of our team as needed to meet even the tightest of turnaround times.  We have one of the largest processing capabilities of any metal supplier in Europe, allowing us the flexibility to tailor our services to your needs.


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