How Can We Help You Achieve Your Lean Manufacturing Goals?

Lean manufacturing processes are essential to ensuring a sustainable business for today, and for the future that lies ahead.

The world around us continually changes. As individuals and businesses, we must adapt and grow with these changes.  Resource management is at the forefront of global conversations and whilst as individuals, we are encouraged to “do our bit,” so too are businesses.  Reducing waste offers manufacturers more than just environmental benefits.  With lean strategies in place, there is the potential for cost savings and greater sustainability in an uncertain economic climate.  The concept of lean manufacturing processes originated from the Toyota Production System and their attempt to reduce different types of waste in the manufacturing process. The most common manufacturing wastes identified are waiting, transport, motion, inventory, defects, over-processing, over production and skills. Regardless of industry sectors served or end product types, these “wastes” have the potential to impact any manufacturing business.

Undeniably, these processes start from within, but we are sure that our knowledgeable and experienced team can help you achieve your manufacturing goals.



We have a knowledgeable, multi-lingual sales and customer services team on hand to share theirexpertise and find the right solution for you. Our production operatives are multi-machined trained with an impressive level of skill and experience. They ensure your material meets your exact production needs.



You will have no need to store excess materials when you take advantage of our just in time service.  With over 815 tonnes of material in stock, established mill connections and extensive in-house processing available, you can rely on us to deliver all your material, how and when you need it.


Over Production

We order large volumes of material, ensuring we can offer you the best price, no matter how much you need. With low minimum order quantities and test samples available, you can order only what you need.


Over Processing

With one of the largest processing facilities in Europe, you can have your material delivered in custom widths and lengths to suit your end products.  With ready to use material, you can effectively reduce costs, time and resources through minimising your storage needs, unnecessary downtime and material waste.



Our customers rely on us to cut costs, without compromising quality.   As a result, we only stock materials from approved sources and supply test certificates as standard.  Our robust quality control system includes inspecting all materials on arrival and prior to despatch.



With our transparent pricing, you can easily make the decision that best suits your business. You can choose from your own or our established global network of freight providers You can also collect from our conveniently located sites in the UK and Belgium.



We stock over 2500 items as standard and deliver over 3000 tonnes of material every year, to 61 counties around the globe.   You can be confident that with our extensive stock range, processing capabilities and flexible transport options, you won’t be waiting for your order.



With bespoke processing and packaging tailored to your processes, our material can be supplied ready to use.  You also won’t need to spend additional time removing and disposing of unnecessary packaging materials.